Thursday, September 11, 2014

Framing the birds

As a person who just learned photography... (at the moment, I do kind of self training)... I try to capture as much as possible objects. Sometimes my objects are human, landscape, flower, animal, or just the object (anything that caught my attention). This time my object is BIRD.

These are some of my Bird Picture collections that were took in some places. Taman Safari Cisarua Bogor, Blanco Museum Ubud - Bali and Bali Bird Park. 

As the beginner in photography.. I have some interesting experiences in framing the bird. When I noticed a nice pose of the bird, immediately I prepared my camera... well actually I tried to do it as fast as I can, but well, even I was not ready yet, the beautiful creature changed its pose.... Damn.. I missed a nice one.
But may be that is the art of taking animal shots. They move unpredictably, so the photographer should be ready all the time... he he he .... I'm not that kind of person.

here are some of my bird shots.... Enjoy

Location: Bali Bird Park

Arrogant Peacock - Location : Taman Safari Cisarua Bogor

Location: Taman Safari Cisarua Bogor

Location: Blanco Museum, Ubud - Bali

Location: Bali Bird Park

Location: Bali Bird Park

White Peacock - Location: Bali Bird Park