Monday, May 5, 2014

Pre wedding project 2

Another pre wed project was for Sudirta and his wife Indah.
Actually I came to Sudirta and asked him whether he would like to have pre wedding photos. Firstly he rejected me, but I told him that would be great if he has something special for his wedding.... For free, and for me I can practice my photography experiences with models and also for free.... :)

As we agreed, we made some preparation. Sudirta would like to have a theme about Balinese farmer. So Sudirta and I came to the location for survey. As I saw his parent's rise field,  I knew what kind of photos I want to have.

And here came the moment.

There were 2 photographers, me myself and Yudha. He is Evi's husband, the girl from the office. Yudha is basically a "Product" photographer. I learnt a lot from him about technics and also other equipments. At that time, I used reflector for the first time. And it was really fun.

We took the photos in the rise field. 
There were some accident during the session. 
We planned to use cow as our back ground. In the beginning seemed like OK, but when we used reflector, the cow was panic and tried to run away. Finally we decided not to use cow at all.

Secondly, while doing the shots, Indah suddenly slipped and fell. Oh my God. I really hoped that she will be fine. We stopped for a while until Indah felt ready to continue the shots.

Here are some shots.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pre wedding project 1

It has been almost a year since my last post. There were a lot of things happened in my life. One of them, I lost my beautiful cat Trudy due to pancreas cancer.
Well, it's my time to come back and share my photography experiences with my readers.

Last year I did pre wed shots for the boys in the office.
This is Ketut Sutarya and his wife Metry. 

There were 4 of us who involved in this moment. Me myself, Ronny Patria, Ayat and Handoko. All of us were beginner in photography. We took this moment to explore ourselves and to learn whatever we can learn while playing with our cameras. And just hoped that we can give something memorable for the couple.

Sutarya and Metry had the concept about traditional balinese. Some shots were taken in a traditional Balinese village with a beautiful balinese house in Sukawati area. We presented the daily life of a new couple, starting from their morning activities until afternoon. Even though all the shots were taken in the afternoon :)

Next to the house, there were a small beautiful forest where we also captured some moments of Sutarya who hunted the bird. His beautiful bride Metry followed his activities with love.

The last place of our photo shots moment was Tegenungan Waterfall. My favorite place. It was only about 10 minutes from Sukawati. In this location we talked about afternoon activities of the couple.

Here are some shots.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Suluban Beach

Mid of May, I and two friends went to Suluban beach which located in Pecatu village, Bali and pretty close to Uluwatu beach and Padang-padang beach. I've never been there before. It was my first time.
I myself as usual would like to capture some interesting moments during the sunset, while my friend preferred to swim. But well, we were not lucky enough. It was cloudy since noon and getting darker as we were there. Of course this unwanted condition did not stop my newbie photographer passion (if I may say) to look around and take some shots. And so did my friend Agung. He continued his passion to swim in a high tide. But it was only for about 10 minutes. He was back to the beach as his stomach got cramp... Pity Agung.

Just like another beaches around Pecatu village, the beach is under the the rock cliff. We need to climb down the cliff to get the Suluban beach. But don't worry, there are stairs provided. We stopped here and there during our way to the beach to frame some shots. Beautiful rock cliff adorn our way. As we were down, I was amazed with what I saw. Colorful rock.. It was soooo beautiful. 

Here are some of my shots. Enjoy the Suluban Beach.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Perspective and vanishing point

With perspective and vanishing point, a picture looks like having more room and dimension. Read:
My experience, to capture a good perspective and vanishing point I mostly used low angle.

Here are some of my shots.

Location: Renon, Bali

Location: Renon, Bali

Location, Taman Safari, Bogor

Location: The Great Wall of Koto Gadang, Bukittinggi

Location: The Great Wall of Koto Gadang, Bukittinggi

Location: Jalan Sudirman,Jakarta

Location: Batu Belig beach, Bali

Location: Ceking, Ubud, Bali

Saturday, April 27, 2013


People say, Levitation is Floating in the air.
There are so many techniques in photography to create Levitation effect. For example; combining several photos and then edit them by removing unwanted area.
Let say, take a picture in a certain place with no model, take another picture from exactly the same angle, but now with a model who is standing on a supporting stuff (chair, wooden box, etc). Then do editing on the second photo by removing supporting stuff area. Later combine the first picture with the second one. And you will get a levitation picture.

Me myself prefer to follow the technique used by a Japanese woman named Natshumi Hayashi who specialized herself in Levitation Photography (I put her blog: on my bloglist). For me, she is my role model in Levitation Photography.
She captured the moments when a model jumps up. In this case, a model plays a very important role. She or he needs to set his/her expression as cool and flat as possible. It will give a real floating effect.

These are some of my experiments.

Lokation: Renon, Bali

Location: Petitenget beach, Bali

Location: Batu Belig beach, Bali

Location: Bedugul, Bali

Location: Kuta beach, Bali
Location: Bedugul, Bali

Location: Batu Belig beach, Bali


This post is about the trees I captured with my camera in some different places. Actually there is nothing special about the shots, I just like to play with color in "post processing" stage.

My photography teacher told me that if you want to present your shot, do not show the raw one. Do little bit editing on it. I use several kind of photo editors, for instance iPhoto and Snapseed on my iPhone and iPad, Camera+ on iPhone (it gives you some amazing color effects) and of course I also use Photoshop on my Computer. I can not say that one editor is better than the other one. I use them all regularly. It depends on what kind of color effect I want to present in a photo. The most important thing is, photo editor is not to correct your photo, it is just only to give color effect in order to make the photo shows the stronger message. 

Location: Bedugul, Bali

Location: Fort De Kock - Bukittinggi

Location: Fort De Kock- Bukittinggi

Location: Gianyar, Bali

Location: Bedugul, Bali

Location: Bedugul, Bali